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Rai Way Edge Data Center: all the advantages

By utilizing the services offered by Rai Way Edge Data Centers, users will benefit from all the advantages of Edge technology while relying on the quality standards of our Data Center infrastructure and highly robust and reliable design.

 Rai Way Edge: All the advantages
Advantage of Rai Way Edge Data Centers -  Data processing close to end-users - Low Latency

Low latency

The Data Centers are located in Italy, enabling data processing close to end-users. The shorter the physical distance the data travels, the shorter the response times.

Advantage of Rai Way Edge Data Centers - Cost Reduction

Cost reduction

A distributed data center network reduces the need for high-speed connections for data transfer.

Advantage of Rai Way Edge Data Centers - Easily manage traffic peaks - Traffic Optimization

Traffic optimization

The use of Edge Data Centers in combination with traditional Data Centers makes it possible to easily manage traffic peaks.

Advantage of Rai Way Edge Data Centers - Reduction CO2 emission

Sustainable choice

The Rai Way Edge Data Centers favor renewable sources and the use of energy efficiency components to optimize the level of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and reduce CO2 emissions.

Advantage of Rai Way Edge Data Centers -  Choosing where data are stored using Computing Continuum

Computing Continuum

Rai Way Edge offers customers the opportunity of choosing where  data are stored, making sure that they are always stored within Italian territory.

Advantage of Rai Way Edge Data Centers - Data protection - Carrier Neutrality

Carrier neutrality

Rai Way Edge is a carrier neutral operator, therefore independent of telecommunications operators. The main advantages are related to data security: data are  processed and stored in Italy with maximum protection.

Sustainability of the Rai Way Edge network

Discover the sustainability paradigm
of the Rai Way Edge network

The sustainability of Rai Way Edge


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