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New technologies depend on huge volumes of data, which are very difficult to send and process with the right performance with traditional technologies. Edge Data Centers, typically smaller than Central Data Centers, are more distributed and process data close to end users, significantly reducing latency.

The Rai Way Edge Data Center network will comprise 18 Edge Data Centers and one Hyperscale Data Center. Edge sites are designed to be distributed nationwide with redundant infrastructure. They will be built according to the ANSI TIA 942 rating 3 standard, able to guarantee the presence and delivery of low latency and ultra-low latency services in every region of Italy.

Characteristics of Rai Way's Edge Data Center


  • Compliant with: ANSI TIA 942 rating 3
  • Configuration UPS: 2N
  • GE configuration: N+1
  • Cooling with DX technology , N+1 data hall, 2N technical rooms
  • Max kw/rack: 10 kW
  • Earthquake-proof buildings, max load 1000 kg/mq
  • Hot/Cold aisle containment
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