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Rai Way Edge con Soiel International al Data Center Experience di Roma e Milano

During the Datacenter Experience 2023 event held on 22 March in Milan, Rai Way Edge officially became one of the most innovative Datacenter projects in Italy. Our team actively participated, highlighting the main features of our work.

We presented our design for a nationwide advanced Edge data center infrastructure, describing its distinctive Characteristics. In addition, we delved into the concept of Continuum Computing and analysed the impacts of new Edge Computing technologies on modern data centres.

The experience was repeated on 4 May in Rome, attracting equally high interest. The Rai Way Chief Data Center Officer, Luca Beltramino, stated, “It was a perfect opportunity to present the Rai Way Edge project and explain how this revolutionary infrastructure will support the imminent digital revolution”.

Group photo of Rai Way Edge at the Data Center Experience


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