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What are the areas of application
of the Rai Way Edge service?

Thanks to Rai Way’s Data Centers, users will enable all applications that require low latency and the presence of IT resources close to the end users and the location where the data is generated.

Which industries and use cases will benefit first from this innovation?

Area of application Rai Way’s Data Centers - Cloud services

Edge Cloud

Digital transformation is essential for the success of businesses today. A crucial aspect of this revolution is the migration to cloud services. However, this transition is not always easy due to migration issues or the peculiar activities carried out by companies.

The solution is adopting a hybrid model that includes edge technology. Opting for the use of Edge Cloud services through the Rai Way Edge Data Center network represents the most cost-effective and rapid option for cloud migration, with significant reductions in networking costs.

Rai Way Edge Data Centers - Edge Cloud services
Area of application Rai Way’s Data Centers - Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Rai Way's Edge Data Centers effectively support Internet of Things

Services such as IoT, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, and telemedicine generate a vast amount of data that is processed directly at the point of production. This requires edge infrastructure. Thanks to the widespread and highly connected distribution, Rai Way Edge Data Centers will enable and support these technologies effectively.

Area of application Rai Way’s Data Centers - Augmented / virtual reality


In services like augmented reality or virtual reality is crucial to avoid delays or connectivity issues. Therefore, servers that handle such services need to be positioned as close as possible to the end user.

Manufacturing industries and companies with widely distributed assets have great benefits from the adoption of augmented reality systems for their Operations & Maintenance activities. Thanks to the widespread presence and extremely reliable layout of Rai Way Edge Data Centers, these services will be enabled efficiently.

Rai Way Edge Data Centers are the solution for augmented / virtual reality: avoid delays or connectivity issues
Area of application Rai Way’s Data Centers -  Content Delivery Network


Rai Way’s Data Centers - CDN

When it comes to the seamless delivery of content and applications through streaming services, ensuring low latency and ample bandwidth is crucial for providing an effective and satisfying user experience. Therefore, it becomes essential to position content and applications as close to users as possible and connect them with reliable, high-performance networks capable of local data exchange.

With Rai Way’s Edge Data Centers, these services can be provided, thanks to their geographical distribution and the Rai Way network. Low latency and efficient data transmission will be guaranteed through local peering and high bandwidth to centralized Data Centers for content acquisition and application operation.

Area of application Rai Way’s Data Centers  - Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming

The cloud gaming sector is growing rapidly and attracting an increasing number of users. However, performance and user experience are often limited by the need for high-performance capabilities,  greater power, and extremely low latencies requested by the service and users. Given the high costs of gaming computers and consoles, the use of high-performance servers located in edge data centers allows users to equip themselves with much cheaper hardware to handle heavy workloads.

Through the Rai Way network of edge data centers, which will enable to reach users in all Italian regions, it will be possible to enable this technology and and open up a significant market in the sector.

Rai Way's Edge Data Centers - Playing with much cheaper hardware using Cloud Gaming
Area of application Rai Way’s Data Centers - Computer Vision


Rai Way's Edge Data Centers - Computer Vision

The ability to process images in real-time to extract data requires high computational power, enabling analyses to be performed without delays and in proximity to where the images are captured. Computer Vision technology generates a vast amount of data that cannot be sent to cloud data centers for processing. Instead, it needs to be managed locally, with only processed data shared with centralized systems.

Thanks to Rai Way’s Edge Data Centers, it will be possible to install hardware near the areas to be monitored. This allows for on-site data processing and quick transfer to centralized Data Centers, allowing for effective management of image-generated data and quick, low-latency analysis.

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