Rai way among the founders of IDA | Rai Way Edge
Rai Way tra i fondatori dell'Italian Datacenter Association

Rai Way, in collaboration with Equinix Italia, Microsoft, STACK Infrastructure, Data4, Vantage Data Centers, Digital Realty, and CBRE Data Centers, is one of the founding members of IDA (Italian Data Center Association), the first association that aims to be the voice at institutional level of Data Center builders and operators in Italy.

In a market context in which Data Centres play an increasingly central role as strategic infrastructures for the competitiveness of the digital ecosystem, the birth of IDA represents an important moment towards a greater officialisation of the Italian sector, which ranks fourth in importance at European level (Source: Observatory “Data Centres for the Development of the Italian Digital Ecosystem”, Politecnico di Milano).

The main objectives of the newly formed association are related to the implementation of processes that favour the construction of secure, sustainable and energy efficient Data Centres. IDA’s goal is to become a point of reference for the industry, not only as an institutional representative of the needs of the companies involved, but also to establish standards, rules and regulations for the sector. Furthermore, IDA is committed to promoting training and the development of the skills necessary to operate efficiently and professionally in the data center sector.

A business in which Rai Way is implementing an interconnected data centre infrastructure to offer services for digital transformation with ultra low latency and high flexibility. This network, distributed throughout Italy, will be carrier neutral and connected to the country’s main fibre optic infrastructures.

It is made of 19 Data Centres divided between Edge-type Data Centres, strategically positioned to cover proximity and low latency needs, and larger Data Centres designed for hyperscaler operators. This design will allow infrastructure scalability and enable highly customised solutions to be deployed quickly.


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